The Best Family-Friendly Hiking Trails in Southern California

Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America and is a great place to explore with the family. It has carousels, trains, an inclusive playground called Shane's Inspiration, and more. Plus, there's a former Los Angeles Zoo picnic area right next to a huge playground with cages and habitats to explore. Etiwanda Falls is one of the longest hikes on this list with 3.4 miles round trip.

It takes place right at the foot of the Etiwanda foothills in Rancho Cucamonga and ends in a beautiful wooded stream and waterfall. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed and it's not suitable for strollers. But it's still a fun excursion for the whole family. Rubidoux is probably the most common hike in the Inland Empire.

It has an excellent paved path perfect for strollers, beginners, and children. Plus, it ends up with great views of the city of Riverside below. This is a great hike for all ages. Kenneth Hahn Park offers more than 300 acres of nature walks, waterfalls, duck ponds, basketball courts, soccer fields, and picnic areas.

It's the perfect place to spend an afternoon with the family. Temescal Canyon is a beautiful hike in the Santa Monica Mountains that's suitable for children of all ages. The only problem is that the waterfall is more of a trickle when it's not season or it hasn't rained recently. But if you can do this hike soon after a storm, you'll be rewarded with a beautiful view.

Finally, there's a coastal trail in Southern California that's a sandy paradise for the whole family to enjoy. Horseback riding, wildflower picking, bird watching - there are plenty of exciting activities to do here.

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