The Best Family-Friendly Bike Trails in Southern California

Gage Canal walking and biking trail, officially known as the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, is a perfect choice for families with young and older children. This 22-mile trail in Los Angeles runs from Will Rogers State Beach to Torrance County Beach and goes through some of the most picturesque towns, such as Santa Monica, Venice, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. If you're looking for a fun biking experience and gorgeous scenery, the Torrey Pines Loop in San Diego is the best bike trail for that. You'll cycle at a height of more than 1,000 feet and have quick access to the area's best beaches along this Southern California bike trail.

Are you too tired to ride your bike again? The Pacific Surfliner will take you back with the most beautiful coastal views throughout your trip. We believe that the best memories are created when families do fun things together. Every day is an opportunity to create new stories. The two-way concrete trail, converted from railroad tracks in 2004, crosses Burbank and begins near Victory Blvd.

It's not a circuit, but it's fairly straight and almost completely flat, making driving easy and comfortable for beginners. It's about 3 miles each way. Children can visit the tiny houses in Burbank on Chandler Avenue. Jim Shanman, executive director of Walk 'n Rollers, a community outreach program that encourages children to cycle to and from school and provides guidance on safe routes to school, bicycle and pedestrian safety programs, and community workshops, alerted us to this bicycle park in El Monte.

Run by the El Monte community, this is a great place for beginner and intermediate cyclists to practice and test their skills. Imagine super fun pumping tracks, elevated wooden trails, dirt rollers, a seesaw and more. Combine art and biking with this trail that puts you up close and at the center of living history, Watts Towers. There are two trails, both relatively short, around the towers, one to the north of the park and one to the west on Graham Avenue.

While there is a plan to build a connected bicycle (and pedestrian-friendly) trail that goes from The Valley to Long Beach, there are currently several trails that will provide you with the adventure around the Los Angeles River that you're looking for. Each trail has its own points of interest, along with a number of parks along the way, making this route a fun activity that lasts all day as you wander along the trail (or climb). Our favorite section for biking? The area known as Frogtown. Start your day at the Spoke Bicycle Café, where you can recharge your strength with your breakfast bun - a soft grilled bun filled with scrambled eggs, bacon or tempeh, cheese, caramelized onions and your special sauce.

When you've had your fill, head to the bike path and get ready to explore the different museums, cafés, public art, breweries and even listen to live music if you're lucky. Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage for children but not everyone is lucky enough to have access to the attraction of freedom on two wheels. Walk 'n Rollers recognized this disparity during the pandemic and created a bicycle repair center. We discovered that there are a lot of used bicycles in our communities and that there are many more children who need wheels - so we immediately started collecting and repairing used bikes.

In the next six months we received more than 100 requests and fulfilled 80 of them. If there's one thing that will make you fall in love with cycling again it's Southern California's spectacular bike trails. Visit any of the local bike rental stores or take a guided bike tour - don't forget to admire palm trees crashing waves and beachfront houses as you ride one of Southern California's best beach bike trails. There's nothing like hopping on the bike and riding the best bike trails in Southern California - the landscape along this Southern California bike trail is constantly changing so you'll also see Sierra Nevada Mountains and Ming Lake on your trip. Toddlers who push pedals and their parents like to go out and get some exercise - California's family-friendly bike trails provide the best backdrop for family cyclists. Visit any of these amazing trails for an unforgettable experience!.

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